Snowman Photoshop Tutorial

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Learn how to create a snowman! Follow these steps below to learn how to make a cute snowman in Photoshop.

Step 1

To make the snowman first we will start off with the base so create a new layer and call it snowman-base. With the colour white (#ffffff) selected, use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make the base similar to below.

Snowman Base

Step 2

Fill the circle to the white and then choose the Blending Options for the snowman-base layer. Click on Gradient Overlay and change the colours like below.

Snowman Gradient

The last thing you need to do with the gradient is change the Angle to 25 degrees.

Step 3

Now to make the middle part of our snowman. We will duplicate the snowman-base layer by right clicking the layer, then choose Duplicate Layer and change the name to snowman-middle. Now re-size the circle and move above the base of the snowman like below.

Snowman Body

Step 4

The final part of our snowman is adding the head. Duplicate the layer called snowman-middle and rename the layer to snowman-head, make this circle even smaller and move higher up which is shown below.

Snowman Head

Step 5

Now it’s to make our snowmans face. We will first add in the eyes. Make a new layer, name it eye and choose the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Before making the eye, make sure that the colour black is selected (#000000). Now make a small circle like below.

Snowman Eye

Step 6

Duplicate the eye layer, change the name to eye 2 and move to the right.

Snowman Eye

Step 7

It’s now the nose time. Make a new layer, name it nose and create a circle by using the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Fill the colour to orange # e9671f and then create a new layer for the rest of the nose. Using the Pen tool, create a long triangle like below.

Snowman Nose

Once you have the perfect shape, right click, Make Selection, change feather to 0 pixels and hit enter. This will now have selected the nose shape and all you have to do now is fill it with the same orange colour as before.

Snowman Nose

Step 8

Now it’s time to create the mouth. We will do this by creating small, black circles. Create a new layer, name the layer mouth and create a black circle.

Snowman Mouth

Once you have created the one, duplicate the layer and move each layer across and down to form a smile. You can copy what I have created below.

Snowman Mouth

Step 9

We will now give our snowman arms. Create a new layer, name it left-arm and select the Pen tool. Following the image below, make the left arm.

Snowman Arm

Step 10

After you have created the arm with the Pen tool, right click, Make Selection, change feather to 0 pixels and hit enter. Once the arm is selected, fill the colour with brown (#392306). Duplicate the left-arm layer, name the copied layer to right-arm and we will now have to flip it. To flip the layer, go to Edit which is next to File right at the top, go down to Transform, then click on Flip Horizontal.

Your arms will now look like this

Snowman Arms

Move the right arm to the other side of the snowman like below.

Snowman Final Arms

Final Step

Now it’s time to create the stones that go down the middle of snowmen. Following Step 8 where we made the mouth, create a new layer, name it stones and create a black circle in the middle of the snowman. Duplicate this one layer and move each one down to create the following results.

Snowman Stones

Happy snowman!


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